Year: 2023 Source: Cham, CH: Springer Nature. (2022). 1506 p. SIEC No: 20230454

Suicide in Different Cultures

Suicide in South Asia

Lakshmi Vijayakumar, Madhumitha Balaji

Cultural Considerations in Suicide Research and Practice

Paola Mendoza-Rivera, Helen Ma, Bruce Bongar, Joyce P. Chu

The Roles of Culture, Race, and Ethnicity in Suicide

Stephanie Freitag, Yara Mekawi, Koree S. Badio, Ecclesia V. Holmes, Alix Youngbood, Dorian A. Lamis

Suicide Among Indigenous Populations Within the United States

Kellylynn Zuni, Rachel Bacigalupi, Rebekah Jazdzewski, Bruce Bongar

Cultural Adaptation for Suicide Prevention

Erin M. Ambrose

Culturally Adaptive Suicide Assessment Utilizing Resilience and Reasons For Living

Maryke Van Zyl, Shristi Regmi, Cristian A. Lemus, Adam J. Landeros

Sexual Minority Suicide

Brandon Hoeflein, Marissa N. Eusebio, Rebekah Jazdzewski, Peter Goldblum

Understanding Suicide Among Gender Minorities

Kevin Rodriguez, Jayme Peta, Kaela Joseph, Peter Goldblum

Voices from the Black Rainbow: The Inclusion of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander LGBQTI Sistergirl and Brotherboys People in Health, Well-Being, and Suicide Prevention Strategies

Dameyon Bonson

Prevention of Suicide in Latin America

Francisco Bustamante Volpi, Mila Razmilic Triantafilo, Matías Correa Ramírez, Vicente Bustos Knight

Psychological First Aid in Suicide Crises

Quetzalcoatl Hernandez-Cervantes

Community-Based Interventions in Suicide Prevention

Jorge Téllez-Vargas, Jairo Osorno

Suicide Prevention for Underserved Populations and Community Mental Health

Alexandra Padilla, Aishwarya Thakur, Allison Drazba, Justin Giallorenzo

Suicidal Self-Burning in Women and Men Around the World: A Cultural and Gender Analysis of Patterns and Explanations

Silvia Sara Canetto, Shiva Pouradeli, Murad Moosa Khan, Mohsen Rezaeian

The Crises in Suicide Among Members of the Military Special Operations Community

Bianca Eloi, Tina Thach, Bruce Bongar

Suicide in Jails and Prisons

Francesca Perugino, Andrea Turano, David Lester

Treatments and Preventive Actions

Bridging the Global Mental Health Gap

Maryke Van Zyl, Connie Fee, Jayla Burton, Everardo Leon

Suicide Prevention in Emergency Department Settings

Naohiro Yonemoto

Suicide Prevention Education for Health Care Providers: Challenges and Opportunities

Thomas Delaney, Laura Nelson, Debra Lopez

Nursing Care of the Suicidal Patient

Pernilla Omerov, Jennifer Bullington

Psychological Treatment of Suicidal Individuals

Mark J. Goldblatt

Treatment of Suicidal Behavior for Inpatients

Remco F. P. de Winter, Connie Meijer, Marieke H. de Groot

Anti-suicidal Properties of Lithium Treatment

Ute Lewitzka

Pharmacological Treatment of Suicidality in Affective and Psychotic Disorders

Thomas Bronisch

Psychotherapy for Suicide Prevention

Raffaella Calati, William Mansi, Martina Rignanese, Rossella Di Pierro, Jorge Lopez-Castroman, Fabio Madeddu et al.

Community Prevention: Improving Suicide Prevention Through the Creation of Local Suicide Prevention Action Networks

Renske Gilissen, Martin Steendam, Elke Elzinga, Margot van der Burgt, Aartjan Beekman

Assessment of Infrastructure Relating to Suicide Prevention

Thomas Delaney, Theresa Reiter-Lavery, JoEllen Tarallo

The Evolution of Charcoal Burning Suicides in Hong Kong, 1997–2018

Vera Yu Men, Cheuk Yui Yeung, Paul Siu Fai Yip

The Police Negotiation Cadre of the Hong Kong Police

Paul W. C. Wong, Gregory M. Vecchi, Gilbert K. H. Wong

Suicidal Behavior from a Complex System Perspective: Individual, Dynamical, and Contextual

Derek de Beurs, Remco F. P. de Winter, Marco Helbich, Claudi Bockting

Military Suicide: Theoretical Understandings and Responses

Kristen J. Vescera, Abbie J. Brady, Jacie Brown, Loomis Samuel, Bruce Bongar

The Role of Social Workers in Suicide Prevention Among Military Veterans

Joshua Levine, Leo Sher

Access to Lethal Means, Firearms, and Suicide

Anna Feinman, Dana Lockwood, Tina Thach, Bruce Bongar

Suicide Terrorism

Anna Feinman, Renata Sargon, Bianca Eloi, Bruce Bongar

Differences in Suicide Risk Assessment and Management Between Mental Health Professions

Jacie Brown, Bianca Eloi, Phillip Kleespies, Christopher G. AhnAllen, Bruce Bongar

Inpatient Versus Outpatient Management of Suicide Risk: Clinical and Ethical Considerations

Induni Wickramasinghe, Tina Thach, Lisa M. Brown

Current Innovations in Suicide Prevention Among Military Veterans

Abbie J. Brady, Erik Wendel Rice, Alexandra Padilla


Bereavement by Suicide Among Family Members

Bo Runeson, Holly C. Wilcox

#Not6: Expanding the Scope of Suicide Exposure

Julie Cerel, Alice Edwards

Legal Issues

Accountability and Malpractice in Suicidality

Katsadoros Kiriakos, Theodorikakou Olga, Stamou Vassiliki

Ethical and Legal Frameworks in the Suicidology Field

Ernesto Páez

Psychopathy and Suicide: A Reexamination of Cleckley’s Criterion

Amber M. Stewart, Ryanne M. Dehart, Matthew M. Yalch