Year: 2023 Source: Cham, CH: Springer Nature. (2022). 716 p. SIEC No: 20230453

Models of Suicide

Models of Suicide and Their Implications for Suicide Prevention

David Lester

Neurobiological Approach to the Study of Suicide

Kees van Heeringen

The Journey Back from Suicide

Sylvia Huitson

Suicide as Syndemic

Chris Caulkins

Risk and Protective Factors for Suicide from a Cultural Perspective

Teresita Morfín-López

Protective Factors in Suicidal Behavior

Gerard Hutchinson

Unmet Needs in the Management of Suicide Risk

Maurizio Pompili

Reasons for Living as a Strength-Based Approach to Suicide Prevention

Maryke Van Zyl, Priscilla Phan, Connie Fee, Sophal Khiv

Prevention-Oriented Risk Formulation

Anthony R. Pisani, Daniel C. Murrie, Morton Silverman, Kathryn Turner

The Narrative Crisis Model of Suicide: A Novel and Empirically Grounded Diathesis-Stress Model of Suicide

Sarah Bloch-Elkouby, Nadia Yanez, Lakshmi Chennapragada, Jenelle Richards, Lisa Cohen, Igor Galynker

Clinician Emotional Response to Patients at Risk of Suicide: A Review of the Extant Literature

Saskia Newkirk, Igor Galynker

How to Ask About Suicide

Alan L. Berman

Collaborative Assessment and Management of Suicidality Approach

David A. Jobes, Irene Zhang, Tia Tyndal

Differentiation of Suicidal Behavior in Clinical Practice

Remco F. P. de Winter, Connie Meijer, Nienke Kool, Marieke H. de Groot

Postdiction in the Psychological Autopsy: A Clue or Algorithm

Antoon A. Leenaars

Suicide and Trauma

Katie J. E. Carlson, Marissa N. Eusebio, Shaune-Ru Wang, Lisa M. Brown

Suicide and Psychotic Depression

Bianca Eloi, Kevin Rodriguez, Erin O’Connell, Alan F. Schatzberg, Bruce Bongar

Indirect Self-Destructive Behaviors

Kyle Rosales, Erik Wendel Rice, Lisa M. Brown

Promoting Healthy Development and Preventing Suicide Across the Life Span: Individuation and Attachment in Matched Biblical and Graeco-Roman Narratives

Kalman J. Kaplan

The Impact of Stigma on the Risk of Suicide

Elena Rogante, Salvatore Sarubbi, David Lester

The Role of Resilience in Suicide Prevention and for Recovery After Suicide Attempt: Learning from 80 Years of Resilience Research

Anita M. Chauvin

Learning from the Lived Experience of Resilient Survivors of Suicidality and Suicide Attempt: The Role of Self-Managing Recovery in Building Resilience to Future Adversity

Anita M. Chauvin

Suicide Prevention Across the Life Span

Treatment Approaches with Suicidal Adolescents

Anthony Spirito, Margaret Webb, Jennifer Wolff, Christianne Esposito-Smythers

Suicide Prevention Among Elderly

Diego de Leo, Andrea Viecelli Giannotti, Monica Vichi, Maurizio Pompili

Suicide and Older Adults: The Role of Risk and Protective Factors

Juliet Sobering, Abbie J. Brady, Lisa M. Brown

Preventing Suicide in Boys and Men

Jane Pirkis, Kylie King, Simon Rice, Zac Seidler, Bernard Leckning, John L. Oliffe et al.

The Workplace: Our Most Crosscutting and Under-Leveraged System in Suicide Prevention and Suicide Crisis Response

Sally Spencer-Thomas

Suicide Risk Among Psychiatric Patients

Erkki Isometsä

Suicide in Doctors

Tiago Castro e Couto, Sarah Cristina Zanghellini Rückl, Dante Duarte, Humberto Correa

Suicidal Risk Across the Life Span

Massimiliano Orri, Gustavo Turecki, Marie-Claude Geoffroy

Social Aspects of Suicide

The Aftermath of a Suicide: Social Media Exposure and Implications for Postvention

Jo Bell, Chris Westoby

Print Media and Suicide

Jean-Pierre Soubrier

Suicide Prevention in Female Sex Workers

Alexandre Teixeira

Zero Suicide: The Movement to Safer Suicide Care in Health Care

Julie Goldstein Grumet, Michael F. Hogan, David Covington, and C. Edward Coffey

Suicide Prevention: Turning Inward for Direction

Daniel J. Reidenberg

Life Skills Dynamic Meditation for Suicide Prevention

Pandit Devjyoti Sharma

Complex Trauma and Suicide: An Integrative Interpersonal Approach

Kayleigh N. Watters, Jessica T. Sklar, Sloane R. M. Rickman, Matthew M. Yalch

Suicide and Suicidal Ideation During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Karen Wetherall, Seonaid Cleare, Tiago Zortea, Rory C. O’Connor

Population Density and Suicide Risk

Benedetto Vitiello, Monica Vichi, Chiara Davico, Silvia Ghirini, Maurizio Pompili