Year: 2018 Source: Boulder, CO: Authors. (2017). 1-81. SIEC No: 20180192

The educational section of this Toolkit contains a primer presented in five modules. The first two modules are background material that may be of interest to the entire staff. The third module provides an understanding of general prevention practices that should be implemented to benefit the entire patient population and should be read and discussed by the entire primary care staff. Modules 4 and 5 are designed to educate clinicians for the specialized suicide prevention roles they will play. Module 4 provides the information necessary to evaluate patients who may be at heightened risk for suicide and to make a clinical assessment of that risk. Module 5 discusses interventions that may be necessary to protect patients from intentionally harming themselves, up to and including making arrangements for involuntary hospitalization. Additional educational resources can be found in the Patient Education Tools/Other
Resources section of this Toolkit.