Year: 2021 Source: Qualitative Health Research. (2019). 29(8), 1186-1198. doi: 10.1177/1049732318816082 SIEC No: 20210853

Although gay, bisexual, and two-spirit men (GBTSM) experience high rates of suicidality, there have been few empirical studies of prevention initiatives and policies that could address or reverse this major social problem. This article reports on a photovoice study of 29 GBTSM who had a history of suicidality or lost a fellow GBTSM to suicide. We focused our analysis on participants’ perspectives on suicide prevention. Participants described four key considerations for GBTSM suicide prevention: (a) recognizing and addressing enduring homophobia, biphobia, and mental illness stigma; (b) provision of low-barrier, long-term, and GBTSM-affirming counseling; (c) de-isolation through peer support and community connection; and (d) fostering creativity and cultural resilience. By engaging GBTSM affected by suicide through photographs that depict their experiences and points of view, in this study, we offer concrete recommendations to reduce suicidality among GBTSM.