Year: 2019 Source: [22 p.] SIEC No: 20190373

This paper will discuss the proliferation of pro-self-harm and pro-suicide websites online, as well as the laws, or lack thereof, surrounding them. By looking at the types of communications found on these websites and whether they have any societal value, we will be able to see where this form of communication falls under the current spectrum of cyberbullying, online harassment, and free speech. Then, by looking at how social media has both facilitated pro-suicide and pro-self-harm communications and tried to regulate them, this paper will conclude with suggestions as to how this content should be regulated moving forward. Although a traditional intermediary liability regime on ISPs who allow user-created content that promotes self-harm and suicide may be too strict in a culture that puts an immense value on free speech, we do need more awareness around these trends as well as safeguards to ensure that the people participating in self-harm and the promotion of same online can get the help they deserve.