Year: 2023 Source: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. (2023). 20(5), 4146. (registering DOI) SIEC No: 20230660

The risk for suicide in patients with cancer is higher compared to the general population. However, little is known about patients with lung cancer specifically. We therefore implemented a systematic review and random-effects meta-analysis of retrospective cohort studies on suicide in patients with lung cancer. We searched a high number of common databases up to 02/2021. For the systematic review, a total of 23 studies was included. To exclude bias due to patient sample overlap, the meta-analysis was performed on 12 studies. The pooled standardized mortality ratio (SMR) for suicide was 2.95 (95% Confidence Interval (CI) = 2.42–3.60) for patients with lung cancer as compared to the general population. Subgroups with a pronouncedly higher risk for suicide compared to the general population were found for patients living in the USA (SMR = 4.17, 95% CI = 3.88–4.48), with tumors of late stage (SMR = 4.68, 95% CI = 1.28–17.14), and within one year after diagnosis (SMR = 5.00, 95% CI = 4.11–6.08). An increased risk for suicide was found in patients with lung cancer, with subgroups at particular risk. Patients at increased risk should be monitored more closely for suicidality and should receive specialized psycho-oncological and psychiatric care. Further studies should clarify the role of smoking and depressive symptoms on suicidality among lung cancer patients.