Year: 2021 Source: [Ottawa, ON}. Authors. (2021). 19 p. Retrieved from SIEC No: 20210752

This document contains an overview of tool vetting and practice related to suicide prevention, intervention and postvention. Recommendations proposed in this document do not preclude the possibility that other
approaches or practices are valid and relevant. Occupational therapists and occupational therapist assistants must use their clinical judgment and consider factors such as personal knowledge and skill related to suicide assessment and intervention, clients’ preferences and resource availability when applying these recommendations. These documents re meant to support practice but are not a substitute for gatekeeper training. Any provincial regulations related to occupational therapy practice and those of occupational therapist assistants should be followed. To ensure the readability of the text, the term “occupational therapists” is used throughout. As most of the roles and recommendations proposed here are also relevant to occupational therapist assistants, we hope this document will support the practice of both occupational therapists and occupational therapist assistants. Recommendations presented in this document are based on the best information available. Should new information become available and modifications to the recommendations be warranted, the Addressing Suicide in OT Practice Network will make every effort to update and issue a new version of this guide at any time.