Year: 2023 Source: Indian Journal of Psychiatry. (2022), 64(5), 497-504. DOI: 10.4103/indianjpsychiatry.indianjpsychiatry_382_21 OPEN SIEC No: 20230302
Objectives: The article aims to explore the studies performed on suicide because of coronavirus disease 19 through a bibliometric analysis. A quantitative analysis of the topic furnishes data on the publication pattern, influential research journals, highly cited articles, productive countries and organizations, the authorship pattern, and the collaborative pattern between authors. Methods: Data regarding the type of documents, most cited articles, influential research journals, contributions per country, and so on were extracted for the study from the Scopus database. Data analysis and visualization were performed through R-Studio and the VOSviewer application. Results: A bibliometric analysis encompassing scientific contributions based on suicide or suicide-related ideation because of the coronavirus pandemic showed a total of 494 documents published in 230 journals/books. The articles published by proficient authors in reputed journals highlighted the key areas of research in the field. USA dominated the list of scientific production of countries contributing to 340 documents. Conclusion: The results provided by this analysis could act as a steppingstone for experts to design a roadmap for mental health research during the pandemic. Studies can be designed to gather information on mental health conditions across specific age groups. Research collaborations that facilitate the publication of pooled protocols and data are encouraged.