Year: 2022 Source: SSM Qualitative Research in Health. (2022). Published online 4 March 2022. SIEC No: 20220198

The rate of suicide amongst Inuit boys and men in Nunavik has risen since the 1980s. Despite this, little is known about the strengths and protective factors, and the unique risks, that contribute to suicidality amongst Inuit males. This article presents the findings of a qualitative interview study conducted with Inuit health and wellness workers in Nunavik to better understand the gendered nature of suicide for young Inuit males. Discussed within a critical masculinities framework, findings highlight the need to consider the gendered nature of intergenerational trauma, the changing nature of the Northern economy and its impact on gender dynamics, and the inequities that some men face within institutional structures. Also offered are culturally meaningful and strength-based strategies for attracting and engaging young males to mental health services. Findings provide important insights into the social determinants of Inuit males’ mental health, and advocate for targeted suicide prevention programs for Inuit boys and young men.