Year: 2018 Source: International Journal of Business, Economics and Law. (2012). 1, 98-103. SIEC No: 20180694

Suicide rates are alarmingly high in Malaysia .The rate is expected to be the countries second main cause of death after cardiovascular disease in five to ten years to come (Health Minister Datuk Dr Chua Soi Lek) Even though National Suicide Prevention Programme (a national programme to reduce suicide rates in Malaysia) has been running yet suicide rates are still alarming. Beside that Ramachandran, S (2010) reports that the suicide numbers are greater than deaths due to H1N1 or dengue in Malaysia. Can the law (Section 309 of the Penal Code) is worth considering in suicide prevention? Under this act it is stated that anyone guilty of attempted suicide face imprisonment of up to a year or fined or both. At the same time, when a person decided to end his life nothing matters anymore including imprisonment or fine.Yet, Penal Code still can be used as a great weapon in addressing these issues by amendment of the existing laws that govern about suicide.Thus this study aims the study the variances in the individual jurisdiction of the world in addressing this issues.