Year: 2018 Source: Vulnerable Children and Youth Studies. (2006). 1(1): 102-113. SIEC No: 20180605

Adolescent males living in rural communities are at particular risk for completed suicides. The objective of the present study was to examine geographic isolation and living distance from school as risk factors, and youth engagement in meaningful extracurricular activities and social support as protective factors, for suicidality. These relationships were examined in rural youth (n = 242; 128 females, 113 males, 1 missing data on gender). Distance from school was found to be a significant risk factor for males only, whereby living further away from school was associated with higher suicidal ideation. Youth engagement in extracurricular activities was significantly associated with lower levels of suicidality. The further a rural adolescent male lives from school was predictive of significantly lower rates of youth engagement. Policy implications concerning the initiation of structured activity programmes for at-risk youth are discussed.