Year: 2023 Source: Forensic Research & Criminology International Journal. (2023). 11(2), 37‒40. DOI: 10.15406/frcij.2023.11.00366 SIEC No: 20231305
In the United States, suicide among adolescents continues to be a growing phenomenon that affects many young people. Research in 2017 illustrated suicide has been the second leading cause of death among individuals whose ages range from 10 to 34. Recently, African Americans suicide rates for youth have increased which provides causation for this study. This study utilizes a qualitative analysis on the contributing risk factors that have led to the increase of suicide rates within this particular group of people. In particular, the authors analyzed suicide rates within the United States regarding African American adolescents and how the contributing risk factors of one’s socioeconomic status including race, mental illness, and social media play key roles. It is undeniably that these factors are group-specified in which intervention strategies should become implemented within this social context and implications would arise that would negate suicide risk among African American adolescents.