Year: 2020 Source: Archives of Suicide Research. (2020). 24, S124-S141. SIEC No: 20200605

The purpose of this study was to include youth, parents, researchers, and clinicians in the identification of feasible and acceptable strategies for teen suicide screening in the pediatric emergency department (ED). Concept mapping methodology was used to elicit stakeholder responses. Regarding the most important result of suicide screening for teens in the pediatric ED, suicide prevention and education for parents, friends, and community members was rated easiest to implement, while short- and long-term follow-up and treatment was rated most important. In terms of successful suicide screening for teens in the pediatric ED, provision of resources and information was rated most feasible, and a safe, friendly, private screening environment was rated most important. The concept maps can be used to align suicide risk screening with the priorities and recommendations of pediatric ED stakeholders.