Year: 2021 Source: Asian Journal of Psychiatry. (2021). 55, 102502. SIEC No: 20210219

to understand how undergraduate students with history of suicidal thoughts retrieve information on suicide method.
This is a cross-sectional descriptive study using custom self-rated questionnaires consisting of demographic data, history of previous suicidal thoughts or attempts, current suicidal risks via 8q questionnaires, known methods of suicide and history of suicidal attempt or planning and information on sources of suicide method. Participants were Thai undergraduate students of Mae Fah Luang University who were visiting psychiatric outpatient clinic of the university hospital and had history of suicidal thoughts.
Out of 39 participants, 25 participants reported intentionally searching for information on suicide methods while 31 participants reported unintentionally acquiring information on suicide methods. 19 participants reported that they both intentionally searching for the information and unintentionally acquiring it. The internet was used by all 25 participants who intentionally searched for information on suicide methods, with the second most common way was retrieving information from other suicidal attempters (reported by 11 participants). The most common websites/applications that were purposefully used to search for suicide methods were Google, a local web board and Facebook respectively.
The internet is the most commonly used method to intentionally search for information on suicide methods by undergraduate students of a Northern Thai university who have history of suicidal thoughts. Google and a local web board were the most frequently used websites/applications.