Year: 2016 Source: Toronto, ON: Annick Press.(2011).124 p. SIEC No: 20160380

raveling to be reunited with her family in the arctic, 10-year-old Margaret Pokiak can hardly contain her excitement. ItÕs been two years since her parents delivered her to the school run by the dark-cloaked nuns and brothers. Coming ashore, Margaret spots her family, but her mother barely recognizes her, screaming, ÒNot my girl.Ó Margaret realizes she is now marked as an outsider. And Margaret is an outsider: she has forgotten the language and stories of her people, and she canÕt even stomach the food her mother prepares. However, Margaret gradually relearns her language and her familyÕs way of living. Along the way, she discovers how important it is to remain true to the ways of her peopleÑand to herself. Highlighted by archival photos and striking artwork, this first-person account of a young girlÕs struggle to find her place will inspire young readers to ask what it means to belong.