Year: 2016 Source: Child & Youth Care Forum.(2016):1-15. Published online 28 June 2016. DOI:10.1007/s10566-016-9366-x SIEC No: 20160370

Background Suicide is a leading cause of death among youth. Suicide screening programs aim to identify mental health issues and prevent death by suicide. Objective The present study evaluated outcomes of a multi-stage screening program implemented over 3 school years in a moderately-sized Midwestern high school. Methods One hundred ninety-three 9th-grade students were screened in the program. Students who screened positive were referred to mental health services and followed. Suicide-related thoughts and behaviors among 9th-grade students in the school with screening were compared to those of students in a similar school without screening. Results There was a significant increase in utilization of mental health services among students who screened positive and a decrease in rates of suicidal ideation and attempts among 9th-grade students at the school with screening. Conclusions This multi-stage screening program shows promise in addressing suicide-related behaviors in schools. Randomized trials are needed to confirm program efficacy.