Year: 2016 Source: Melbourne, Australia: Headspace, 2015. 32 p. SIEC No: 20160179

Suicide is a significant problem amongst young people and when a school student takes their own life it has serious implications for the school community. To minimise the potential for suicide contagion, and to enable the school community to begin a process of healing, the affected school must respond in a timely and appropriate manner. There has been limited research to date however regarding the safest and most effective way for a school to respond to the suicide of a student. In presenting the findings from this new research (Delphi study), we emphasise the need to consider the following in a best practice response in school communities: ¥ each suicide and school context is unique; ¥ responses to suicide need to be tailored to the context, needs, policies and resources of the particular school community; and ¥ schools need to work within the policy and practice frameworks and protocols of their education sector/system.

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