Year: 2016 Source: American Journal of Psychiatry.(2012).169(3):309-315. SIEC No: 20160134

The authors examined the risk of suicide attempt or other psychiatric hospitalization among adoptees whose biological parents died from or were hospitalized for suicidal behavior (BPSB) relative to adoptees whose biological parents had a psychiatric hospitalization but never for suicide attempt (BPPH). The authors examined whether risk was moderated by having an adoptive parent who had a psychiatric hospitalization during the adopteeÕs childhood or adolescence. Exposure to the hospitalization of an adoptive m other because of a psychiatric disorder amplified an adopteeÕs risk for suicide attempt hospitalization among those adoptees at high genetic risk of suicide or suicide attempt. These results imply that suicide attempts among those at biological risk might be prevented with the early recognition and care of parental psychiatric illness.

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