Year: 2016 Source: Edmonton, AB: Family violence Death Review Committee, 2015. 42 p. SIEC No: 20160111

AlbertaÕs Family Violence Death Review Committee (the Committee) is an internal armÕs-length, multi-disciplinary, cross-sector group reporting directly to the Minister of Human Services, deriving its authority from the Protection Against Family Violence Act (PAFVA) (appendix 1). The Committee has the authority to conduct in-depth reviews into systemic issues related to incidents of family violence resulting in deaths in the province of Alberta and to provide the Minister with recommendations related to program, policy and service delivery. The Committee convened its first meeting on February 11, 2014, and established guiding goals to include the following: 1. to understand the reasons for family violence deaths; 2. to understand where and how agencies and systems intersect and how they can better work together; 3. to determine the barriers to supports and services that the victim and perpetrator may have experienced; and 4. to understand and make recommendations on how family violence can be prevented and reduced.