Year: 2016 Source: British Journal of Guidance & Counselling.(2016).44(1):99-107. DOI:10.1080/03069885.2015.1017804 SIEC No: 20160105

Depressive symptoms, a lack of close supportive relationships and suicidal ideation are important risk factors for suicidal acts. Previous studies have primarily focused on the additive effects of close relationships and depressive symptoms on suicide risk. Here we explored whether, in addition, close relationships moderated the impact of depressive symptoms on suicidal ideation. An analysis of pre-existing data from 319 attendees at a student counselling service using moderated regression models indicated that when the student has close supportive relationships, the association between depressive symptoms and suicidal ideation is weaker than when he/she feels an absence of close relationships. This confirms the need to include enquiries about the presence of close relationships and depression as part of any suicide risk assessment.