Year: 2016 Source: PLOS One.(2012).7(9):e45157DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0045157 SIEC No: 20160043

The Suicide Trigger Scale (STS) was designed to measure the construct of an affective Ôsuicide trigger state.Õ This study aims to extend the inpatient setting validation study of the original Suicide Trigger Scale version 2 to the revised Suicide Trigger Scale version 3 (STS-3) in an acute psychiatric emergency room setting. The STS-3 measures a distinct clinical entity, provisionally termed the Ôsuicide trigger state.Õ Scores on the STS-3 or select subscales appear to relate to degree of suicidality in terms of severity of ideation, history of attempt, and presence of substantive current attempts. Further study is required to confirm the factor structure and better understand the nature of these relations.