Year: 2015 Source: Journal of Clinical Psychology.(2015).71(10):1031Ð1041.DOI:10.1002/jclp.22199 SIEC No: 20150444

Media reporting guidelines exist for suicide-related content; however, no experimental studies have examined the impact of guideline violations. As such, we utilized an experimental design to determine whether reading an article about suicide that violated guidelines would impact mood and suicidality relative to the same article without violations and to an article detailing death by cancer, both immediately and during 1-month follow-up.Results indicate some reporting guidelines may be unnecessary. Amongst individuals at risk for suicide, some guideline violations may be associated with a decreased likelihood of future attempt and result in a decrease in negative affect. Clinically, these results highlight the potential utility of exposing clients to in depth educational materials about suicide while mitigating concerns regarding certain aspects of the content.