Year: 2015 Source: BMJ Open.(2015).5:e008172 DOI:10.1136/bmjopen-2015-008172 SIEC No: 20150422

This paper aims to investigate what factors interrupt suicidal behaviour in men, and to examine differences according to known suicide risk factors.The survey canvassed the language men use to describe their depression and suicidality, warning signs, barriers to accessing help and what is needed to interrupt a suicide attempt. Participants identified different words and warning signs for depression compared with suicidality. The most commonly endorsed barriers to accessing help were not wanting to burden others (66%) and having isolated themselves (63%). Men overwhelmingly endorsed ÔI thought about the consequences for my familyÕ as the factor which stopped a suicide attempt (67%). ÔI need support from someone I really trust and respectÕ was also strongly endorsed.