Year: 2015 Source: Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology.(2015).50(9):1451-1461. DOI:10.1007/s00127-015-1057-7 SIEC No: 20150388

Some East/Southeast Asian countries have experienced a rapid increase in suicide by charcoal burning over the past decade. Media reporting and Internet use were thought to contribute to the epidemic. We investigated the association between method-specific suicide incidence and both Internet search volume and newspaper reporting in Taiwan. Weekly data for suicide, suicide-related Google search volume, and the number of articles reporting suicide in four major newspapers in Taiwan during 2008Ð2011 were obtained. Poisson autoregressive regression models were used to examine the associations between these variables. We found that increased Internet searches for charcoal-burning suicide appeared to be associated with a subsequent increase in suicide by this method. The prevention of suicide using emerging methods may include monitoring and regulating online information that provides details of these methods as well as encouraging Internet service providers to provide help-seeking information.