Year: 2015 Source: Human & Veterinary Medicine.(2012).4(3):103-106. SIEC No: 20150262

The purpose of our research was to establish a possible correlation between suicide risk in adolescents and a series of intra-familial protective factors such as family harmony, intact families, increased family involvement in child education, empathy, ability to express emotions. Adolescents who have no problems with parents (p<0.00l), being understood by them (p<0.00l) and having the belief that family is very important to them (p<0.00l), are protected from the risk of committing suicide. At the same time, parents’ ability to listen children opinion (p<0.001) and help them take important decisions (p<0.001), the time spent discussing with teens the problems they’re going through (p<0.001), and the fact that parents know what they do in their spare time (p=0.003) shows protective factors of suicidal behavior with a statistically significant value in this study. Conclusion: The family is a psychosocial system with a major impact on adolescents’ personality formation. The attitude towards children, the parents availability to important moments for teens, the ability to be both subjective and objective towards their children initiatives, are factors of protection against adolescents’ suicidal behavior.