Year: 2015 Source: Toronto, ON: Author.(2011).(50 min.) SIEC No: 20150235

A 50-minute research-based documentary that answers the research question ÒWhat is the experience of living and transforming with loss for mothers whose babies died?Ó The mothers articulated their descriptions eloquently, describing the suffering of the loss of their baby while creating rituals of remembrance and celebrating the baby as a treasured family member. They appreciated acknowledgement from others of their loss, opportunities to speak or to see their babyÕs name, and the enduring presence of their deceased baby in their lives. The mothers also spoke about their childrenÕs grieving and loss. They spoke of the ongoing connections the children made with their deceased sibling and the connections they continue to make into adolescence and beyond. These findings, relating to sibling loss, emerged as unexpected additional themes from the research findings and were compiled as a documentary short.