Year: 2014 Source: Vancouver, BC: Turbid Lake Pictures.2013.11 min. SIEC No: 20140591

Deep in his thoughts and enjoying the peaceful surroundings, Tom, a gay teenager, is jolted out of his quaint and meditative park retreat by painful and homophobic words from his classmate. A few benches over, sits Charles, a man in his late forties, who witnesses the bullying. After the bullies leave, and to TomÕs surprise, Charles appears right next to him. The two strike up a conversation that quickly turns serious when Tom asks if Charles has ever thought about suicide. In this magical story about the interdependence of imagination and survival, and their life-changing connection, the boundaries between stranger/friend and survival/suicide are challenged when Charles takes Tom on a fantastical journey into TomÕs imagination that will forever alter the course of TomÕs future and life.