Year: 2014 Source: S.l.: Createspace.(2012).295 p. SIEC No: 20140532

At twenty-years-old, Craig Miller attempted to end his own life. He sat on the edge of a rented bed and swallowed two hundred and fifty pills. He lay back and closed his eyes, never imagining that a note he wrote to himself fourteen years earlier would be what would save his life. That note, written across the creases of a tear stained paper, read, ÒDonÕt ever forget how this feels.Ó From the time he was six-years-old, Craig lived his life by those words. He believed that if he needed to remember the feelings behind his lifeÕs most significant events, then there must be a reason why they happened. And for three extraordinary days following his suicide attempt, as he lay in the Intensive Care Unit floating in and out of consciousness, he found those reasons.