Year: 2013 Source: Native Social Work Journal.(2010).7:181-197. SIEC No: 20130880

The degree of reclamation of culturally-based spiritual practices varies by and within communities and families, but appears to be gathering momentum. From the anecdotes provided by clients it appears that healing takes its firmest roots when the spiritual aspects of the individualÕs life are attended to. More clients and helpers are recognizing the need to look inward, to recognize the strength of their spirit and the role spirituality plays in fostering resiliency. Working as a helper, particularly within western systems, however, the challenges can be daunting and frustrating with respect to incorporating spirituality into the helping process. Although many helpers have begun the dialogue, spirituality Ð and more particularly Aboriginal spirituality Ð remains on the margins, raising questions and concerns that have no simple solutions. This paper is a beginning in my personal and professional consideration of how to more fully explore and integrate spirituality with individuals, families and communities.

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