Year: 2013 Source: New York: Research Foundation for Mental Hygiene, Inc.(2008).29 p. SIEC No: 20130853

Versions of the Scale Used in Clinical Practice The Lifetime/Recent version allows practitioners to gather lifetime history of suicidality as well as any recent suicidal ideation and/or behavior. Since Last Visit version of the scale assesses suicidality since the patientÕs last visit. This version is meant to assess patients who have completed at least one Lifetime/Recent C-SSRS assessment. The ÔSince Last VisitÕ version of the C-SSRS asks about any suicidal thoughts or behaviors the patient/participant may have had since the last time you have administered the C-SSRS. The Risk Assessment version of the scale provides a checklist for protective and risk factors for suicidality and assesses lifetime and past week suicidality. This version is meant to be used in an acute care setting. It is intended to help establish a personÕs immediate risk of suicide.