Year: 2013 Source: Psicologia: Reflex‹o e Cr’tica.(2013).26(1):160-167. SIEC No: 20130788

Some studies have investigated the possible relationship between suicide attempts and impulsivity in patients with bipolar disorder. The objective of this study was to assess the relationship between neuropsychological and clinical aspects and suicide behavior in euthymic bipolar patients. The Iowa Gambling Task and the ConnerÕs Continuous Performance Test evaluated impulsivity in 95 euthymic bipolar patients Ð 42 suicide attempters and 115 normal control participants. A factorial analysis evaluated the adequacy of the instruments. Furthermore, a multiple regression analysis was done in order to develop a model to predict suicide attempts. Our results point to a specific type of impulsivity related to making decisions, lack of planning and borderline personality disorder comorbidity. This type of impulsivity is a risk factor for suicide attempts in patients with bipolar disorder.

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