Year: 2013 Source: Minneapolis, MN: Afterwords Pub.(1991).131 p. 3rd ed. SIEC No: 20130787

After losing her daughter to suicide, Wrobleski researched the causes of suicide and methods in which those left behind might cope with their grief. Finding that there was not much information available in print, she went on to write Suicide: Why? ( LJ 9/1/89) and to start a self-help group called SAVE. Wrobleski reports that suicide is one of the possible outcomes of brain disease most frequently manifested as major depression. Combining compassionate comfort with well-researched information, she offers much practical advice on how survivors can cope with grief, how to deal honestly with family and friends, how to face and if possible change the social stigma, and how to go on with life after the worst has happened. Her insights will be extremely helpful to anyone facing a loss, especially one due to suicide–Library Journal