Year: 2013 Source: Cross-Cultural Research.(2012).46(1):50-71.doi: 10.1177/1069397111424036 SIEC No: 20130743

In this article, the authors explored the associations between suicide rates and a large number of sociocultural indexes, within the sociological framework provided by Durkheim and taking into account recent sociological theories. The analyses were performed on a sample of 87 nations and a subsample of posttraditional societies. The authors found strong positive (linear) correlations between suicide rates and measures of secularization, and curvilinear relationships between measures of individualization and suicide rates. Negative associations were found between suicide rates and measures of individualization in a subsample of posttraditional countries. Following the postmodernization and reflexive modernization theories, the authors argue that a new form of individualization is in place in secularÐrational societies. This form of individualization exercises a negative effect on suicide rates through its positive influence on social integration and regulation.

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