Year: 2013 Source: Omega: Journal of Death & Dying.(2009).59(3):221-238.DOI: 10.2190/OM.59.3.c SIEC No: 20130733

Little user-knowledge has been documented on the experiences of young suicide bereaved with psychosocial assistance and therapy. Thirty-two adolescents who had lost a close family member or friend by suicide participated in a research project by filling in questionnaires and participating in focus group interviews. The article explores the young people’s experiences with and wishes for help from psychologists, and shows that the young bereaved do not receive the psychological assistance they wish for and need. The shortcomings are discussed in relation to the organization, form, and contents of the help. In order to reach youth with adequate assistance in an extreme life situation, it is worth listening to their opinions about how they want to be approached in the wake of a suicide.~

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