Year: 2013 Source: Melbourne, Australia: Dax Centre.(2012). 16 p. SIEC No: 20130672

A new exhibition by artists who have attempted suicide Inspired Lives: Discovering Life In Imagination tackles the impact of suicide on individuals and the community. The exhibition at the Dax Centre is part of an extensive program of events tackling suicide and features two public forums, including one aimed at school communities. The Dax Centre Director, Dr Eugen Koh said suicide was a difficult topic but art could help people understand the experience of people in severe distress. ÒThe stigma associated with suicide means we donÕt often talk about it, but silence can put lives at risk and prevent people from seeking help,Ó he said. ÒArt can create a safe space that encourages discussion around this highly sensitive topic. We hope this exhibition will encourage conversation about suicide and how people can access help.Ó The exhibition features art works by Mic Eales, who worked collaboratively with writers Jessica Raschke and Baden Offord, and Konii C Burns. Exhibition co-¡©‐curator Amy Middleton said the exhibition features powerful artwork that laid bare the psychological and spiritual trauma associated with suicide. ÒThe four artists in this exhibition offer an insight into what it feels like to be living with suicidal thoughts,Ó she said. ÒCreativity has played a vital role in the artistsÕ recovery. They are working through their struggles, finding inspiration and taking steps towards healing.Ó