Year: 2013 Source: Calgary : Red Deer Press.(2010).32 p. SIEC No: 20130466

In the forward to this story, David Bouchard speaks of CanadaÕs MŽtis, Òthe only mixed blood people in the world recognizedÉ as being a nation.Ó He has discovered that his grandmothers were Anishnaabe, Chippewa, Menominee and Innu and is proud to call himself MŽtis. His story, again told in four-line stanzas, is part memory, part regret, part hope for the future of their traditional stories, songs and ways of living. ÒThe secret of your name is out / I finally know my heritage / It has taken almost fifty years / To come to learn of you.Ó He vows to remember and honour his MŽtis heritage. There is also a brief history of the MŽtis nation and descriptions of the different First Nations people.