Year: 2013 Source: Archives Of Suicide Research.(2011).15(2):160-71. DOI:10.1080/13811118.2011.566052 SIEC No: 20130457

Suicide attempters with major depression are at risk for repeat attempts and often do not utilize treatment. Identifying predictors of treatment non-utilization could inform interventions to motivate treatment use and reduce suicide risk in major depression. Two hundred and seventy three participants with a major depressive episode as part of a major depressive disorder or bipolar disorder, were assessed for socio-demographic and clinical characteristics at baseline and again 1 year later to identify predictors of treatment utilization. Treatment utilization rate was high 1 year after initial evaluation (72.5%). Severity of baseline depression, baseline treatment status, and education were associated with treatment utilization at 1 year. Interventions focused on increasing knowledge about depression and treatment efficacy may improve treatment adherence when treating depression.