Year: 2013 Source: Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal.(2012).18(4):311-317. SIEC No: 20130152

Data are lacking about the prevalence of psychiatric disorders and suicidal behaviour in incarcerated adolescents in Asia. This cross-sectional study evaluated the prevalence of psychiatric disorders and the prediction of suicidal attempts in 100 incarcerated males aged 12Ð19 years in Shiraz. Data were collected in face-to-face interview using the Kiddie Schedule for Affective Disorders and Schizophrenia (Farsi version). The mean age was 16.8 (SD 1.3) years and mean age at first imprisonment was 16.0 (SD 1.5) years. Nearly 70% of the adolescents had at least one current psychiatric disorder, the commonest being: conduct disorder (55%), oppositional defiant disorder (48%) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (33%); 11% had major depressive disorder and 2% schizophrenia. In all, 20% had self-harmed without intent to kill themselves and 12% had attempted suicide, 50% of whom had tried more than once. In logistic regression analysis only self-harming behaviour and major depressive disorder were significant predictors of attempted suicide.

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