Year: 2013 Source: Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal.(2012).18(6):607-613. SIEC No: 20130131

Although the rate of suicide is low in Muslim countries, there is evidence that it is increasing. An integrated analysis was made of data on suicide attempts (nonfatal and fatal) from studies carried out in the Islamic Republic of Iran from 1981 to 2007. Of 54 published studies concerning suicide, 48 (covering 26 768 cases of attempted suicide) satisfied the inclusion criteria. The weighted mean rate of suicide attempts was 26.5 per 100 000 and the average rate of death by suicide was 6.7 per 100 000. The mean age of suicide attempters was 25 years; on average 41.8% were male, 50.5% single and 70.0% from urban areas. Most suicide attempters were not working: 54.2% on average were housewives, 24.5% students and 21.0% unemployed men. Medical history showed that 16.2% of suicide attempters had a history of disability and 42.0% had a history of psychological disorders. The rates were compared with studies from other nations/religious groups.