Year: 2012 Source: Archives of Suicide Research.(2011).15(4):291-303. SIEC No: 20120133

The objective of this study was to test whether self-injury moderates the relationship between affective vulnerabilities (affective lability/affective intensity) and suicidal behavior. A total of 127 participants were administered structured diagnostic interviews and filled out questionnaires. The moderation effect was significant both for affective lability and affective intensity, with individuals reporting lower levels of affective vulnerability and a more extensive history of self-injury reporting more lifetime suicide attempts. These findings were generally replicated in a subsample of participants meeting diagnostic criteria for borderline personality disorder (n = 72). When accompanied by high levels of self-injury, low levels of affective vulnerabilities may paradoxically become a risk factor for suicidal behavior, perhaps by enabling individuals to persist in the innately frightening experience of a suicide attempt.

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