Year: 2012 Source: Archives of Suicide Research.(2011).15(3):238-249. SIEC No: 20120121

This study aims to provide evidence for the problem of suicide by self-burning in Iraqi Kurdistan. Data were collected prospectively from all patients admitted to the burn center in the province of Sulaymaniyah and cases of self-burning were compared with cases of accidental burns. There were 197 cases with an annual incidence rate of 8.4 per 100,000 per year and female to male risk ratio of 13.1. Independent risk factors for self-burning were female sex (odds ratio 13.75, 95% CI 6.91Ð27.36, P < 0.001); young age of 11 to 18 years (OR 3.92, 95% CI 2.20Ð7.0, P < 0.001); poor education (OR 2.50, 95% CI 1.15Ð5.45, P = 0.02); spring season (OR 2.39, 95% CI 1.3Ð4.41, P = 0.005); and small family size (OR 2.72, 95% CI 1.44Ð5.15, P = 0.002). Suicide by self-burning is common in Iraqi Kurdistan especially among women. Urgent action is required to provide a better understanding of the situation, and identify partners, capacities, and opportunities for action.

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