Year: 2012 Source: New York: Razorbill.(2007).288 p. SIEC No: 20120101

ÒEverything affects everything,Ó declares Hannah Baker, who killed herself two weeks ago. After her death, Clay Jensen, who had a crush on Hannah, finds seven cassette tapes in a brown paper package on his doorstep. Listening to the tapes, Hannah chronicles her downward spiral and the 13 people who led her to make this horrific choice. Evincing the subtle, and not so subtle, cruelties of teen life, from rumors, to reputations, to rape, Hannah explains to her listeners that, Òin the end, everything matters.Ó Most of the novel quite literally takes place in ClayÕs head, as he listens to HannahÕs voice pounding in his ears through his headphones, creating a very intimate feel for the reader as Hannah explains herself. Her pain is gut-wrenchingly palpable, and the reader is thrust face-first into a world where everything is related, an intricate yet brutal tapestry of events, people and places. Asher has created an entrancing character study and a riveting look into the psyche of someone who would make this unfortunate choice. A brilliant and mesmerizing debut from a gifted new author