Year: 2009 Source: Academic Emergency Medicine, v.16, no.11, (November 2009), p.1234-1241 SIEC No: 20110104

This cross-sectional study examined the concurrent validity & utility of an adolescent suicide risk screen for use in general medical emergency departments & the prevalence of positive screens for adolescents using 2 different sets of screening criteria. 48 of 295 adolescents giving consent screened positive for elevated suicide risk. Within this group, 98% reported severe suicide ideation or a recent suicide attempt. The suicide risk screen showed evidence of concurrent validity. It also demonstrated utility in identifying adolescents at elevated risk for suicide who presented to the emergency department with unrelated medical concerns & a subgroup of adolescents who may be at highly elevated risk for suicide due to the combination of depression, alcohol abuse, suicidality, & impulsivity. (53 refs.) JA

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