Year: 2010 Source: BMC Psychiatry, v.10, article no.106, (2010), 10pp. SIEC No: 20110045

This study examined the spatial distribution of suicide at a Local Governmental Area level & identified the areas with a high relative risk of suicide in Queensland, Australia, using geographical information system techniques. Data were collected on suicide & demographic variables in each area between 1999-2003 & an age-standarised mortality rate was calculated. Far north & north-eastern Queensland had the highest suicide incidence in both genders, while the south-western areas had the lowest incidence in both genders. In different age groups, age-standardised mortality rates of suicide varied with gender. Mornington & 6 other Local Governmental Areas with low socioeconomic status in the upper south-east had significant spatial clusters of high suicide risk. (41 refs.) JA