Year: 2010 Source: PloS One, v.5, no.11, (November 2010), 9p. SIEC No: 20110015

The authors genotyped 63 polymorphisms, across 4 polyaminergic genes, in 1255 French-Canadian individuals, followed longitudinally for 22 years. Univariate associations with anxiety, mood disorders, & attempted suicide as assessed in early adulthood were examined. The involvement of gene-environment interactons in terms of childhood abuse were investigated & internalizing & externalizing symptoms as endophenotypes mediating these interactions were assessed. Overall, each gene was associated with at least 1 main outcome – suicide with SAT1 & OATL1. Externalizing behaviours demonstrated significant mediation with regards to the association between OATL1 & attempted suicide. Childhood sexual abuse did not demonstrate mediating influences on any of the outcomes. (65 refs.) JA