Year: 2009 Source: Pacific Health Dialog, v.15, no.2, (February 2009), p.67-83 SIEC No: 20101176

A survey revealed an extremely high suicide prevalence in Tokelau within the past 25 years. The rate of attempted suicide was 40/1,500 & the rate of suicide was 6/1,500 over the period 1980-2004. Attempted suicide prevalence was higher among males than females, though there was a 1:1 gender ratio in suicide. Prevalence was high among the younger population, 14-25 years. Several factors could have contributed to or caused suicidal behaviour in Tokelau, including relationship problems, people gossiping, & public humiliation. Study results call for a collaborative approach to prevention between the government, nongovernment bodies, churches, regional & international organizations, & the three local communities. (13 refs.)