Year: 2007 Source: Salud Mental, v.30, no.5, (October 2007), p.20-26 SIEC No: 20101073

This study explored the existence of a relationship between low self-esteem & depressive symptomatology with suicide ideation & explored if gender has an effect in this interaction. Data were obtained from 3 samples of Mexican adolescent students. Girls showed a higher frequency of low self-esteem than boys in 2 of the studies. In the other study, boys had a significantly higher frequency of low self-esteem. Girls obtained higher depressive symptomatology scores than boys. The percentages of high suicide ideation displayed greater variability by gender & by study. The comparison of low self-esteem in subjects with high suicide ideation did not reveal any statistical difference by gender. Depressive symptomatology was a determinant factor in the presence of suicide ideation in girls. (54 refs.) JA