Year: 2008 Source: Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology, v.43, no.4, (April 2008), p.299-304 SIEC No: 20101000

A 2-stage screening approach of over 12,000 adults from the general population were evaluated by face-to-face interview to identify those meeting ICD-10 criteria for depressive disorders at 8 sites in 5 European countries. A cross-sectional analysis of Item 9 (suicide ideation) of the Beck Depression Inventory was done. The standardised period prevalence for all suicide ideation varied from 1.1-19.8%, while for serious ideation there was much less variation. Examining the interrelationships between all suicide ideation, serious suicide ideation, depressive disorders, & suicide failed to support a seamless transition from ideation through depression & serious ideation to suicide. (16 refs.) JA