Year: 2005 Source: Journal of Affective Disorders, v.87, no.1, (July 2005), p.35-42 SIEC No: 20100968

The unique & interactive effects of sexual orientation & gender role were assessed with regard to suicide ideation, related psychopathology, & measures of coping. 47 undergraduate psychology students participated as did 30 subjects recruited from gay, lesbian & transgender student organizations. Consistent with expectations, cross-gender role is a unique predictor of suicidal symptoms. Moreover, gender role accounted for more of the overall variance in suicidal symptoms, positive problem orientation, peer acceptance & support, than sexual orientaton. After accounting for gender role, sexual orientation contributed little to the variance in suicidal symptoms, associated pathology, & problem-solving deficits. There was no support for gender role by sexual orientation interaction effects. (29 refs.) JA