Year: 2005 Source: Journal of Abnormal Psychology, v.114, no.2, (May 2005), p.291-303 SIEC No: 20100947

Joiner’s theory of suicidal behaviour suggests past suicidal behaviour plays an important role in future suicidality. However, the mechanism by which this risk is transferred & the causal implications have not been well studied. This study provides evaluation of the nature & limits of this relationship across 4 populations, with varying degrees of suicidal behaviour. Across settings, age groups, & impairment levels, the association between past suicidal behaviour & current suicidal symptoms held, even when controlling for strong covariates like hopelessness & symptoms of various Axis I & II syndromes. Results provide additional support for the importance of past suicidality as a substantive risk factor for later suicidal behaviour. (65 refs.) JA